Vitti Urban Shoes

Walking the World Streets

Dress sneakers with style, super comfortable, featuring exclusive designs, meticulously crafted using cowhide leather. Limited editions. 100% natural leather interior, 100% coated or natural leather exterior, injected EVA foam or TR rubber soles ensure a perfect blend of style, comfort, lightness, flexibility, protection, durability, breathability and hygiene.


Our design approach centers on a diverse array of leather variations, featuring classic smooth textures, rustic and textured finishes, and bold animal print embossing. Embracing a modern edge, we incorporate sleek metallic leather finishes, while intricate stud details bring a fusion of rugged and refined aesthetics. The design is further enhanced by carefully selected laces, providing the perfect complement. These elements converge to shape a collection that epitomizes contemporary fashion and enables wearers to express their unique style.


Handcrafted using prime quality materials, natural leather sneakers exemplify a standard of quality that goes beyond mass-produced footwear. Each pair is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, who devote their expertise and attention to detail, ensuring a level of precision and care that is unmatched in factory-made shoes.


Natural leather sneakers prioritize comfort through their design. The interior, lined with breathable and soft natural leather, ensures a personalized fit by molding to your foot's shape over time. Cushioned insoles offer support and shock absorption, reducing pressure and fatigue during prolonged wear. The flexible and cushioned soles made of high-quality materials enable a comfortable stride, providing a delightful walking experience. These combined features epitomize the comfort that defines natural leather sneakers, making them a preferred choice for all-day wear.

Light and Flexible

The injected EVA foam and TR rubber soles are our preferred foundations, being extremely lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for reducing the overall weight of the footwear and enhancing comfort.

Protective and Durable

The injected EVA foam or TR rubber bases are wear-resistant and deform-resistant. Leather is a durable and resilient material that can endure daily wear and friction. This combination extends the lifespan of the footwear while providing foot protection.

Breathable and Hygienic

Leather is a porous material that prevents moisture buildup, allowing the foot to breathe, keeping it dry and fresh. It's also easy to clean, helping to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

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